A Sad Thing

It's always sad when adults do the wrong thing. In youth sports, adults are supposed to be teaching kids about sportsmanship and fair play. It's sad when its the adults who need to be taught about sportsmanship.

Apparently, in New Haven, CT, there is a kid in an 8-10yo league who is "too good" to pitch against other teams. The kid, who is only 9, was even banned from pitching by the league administration! Well, the team ignored the ban and when he took the mound, the other team left and forfeited. How is that teaching our kids good sportsmanship? Also, as a result the league has said they will disband the team and redistribute the players.

Now the question is, is this really about him being too good? The answer may be no. Apparently, the kid was asked to join the defending championship team and he and his parents declined the offer. Now, his team is 8-0 and headed to the playoffs. Also, the defending champions are sponsored by the employer of one of the league administrators. Seems to be shenanigans going on here! And yes, there is a possible lawsuit against the league being discussed.

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