Faux Southern?

If you haven't seen the new Macy's commercial you're not really missing much. Same parade of rich celebrities hocking their overpriced stuff. (Although it has Clinton Kelly who - although not my type - is really very yummy) One thing that cracks me up is Jessica Simpson. Am I the only one who has noticed that now that she is hocking a country album, her accent has gotten distinctly more southern? Now, I know she is from Texas but she's never really sounded like it. Also, when I was working for Gap she actually came into our store (yes we had lock the store down for her to shop the freakin' sale rack) and she did speak to me since I was the one to ring her up. Trust me, her normal speaking voice is NOT that southern. The things people do to sell their "brand". Here's the commercial below - see if you see what I'm talking about.

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Why is Michael Kors in fashion? I swear it all looks so Jacklyn Smith.

He looks like a serial killer or a computer nerd actually. ha!