Biggest Loser Drama

I have been watching Reality TV for a long time. In that time I have seen a lot of "villains" come and go but I don't think I have seen one as nasty as Vicki on this season of Biggest Loser. I first realized how nasty she is when her husband Brady decided to fabricate the "content" of a conversation he had with Phil. Based on that information, Vicki and Heba (oh so naive Heba) waged war on Phil and voted out his wife Amy just to hurt him. I would be interested to see what Heba thinks of Brady once she sees that he admitted to making up the story. Since that time, it is clear that Vicki thinks she is some kind of mob boss dictating who deserves to be in the game and who doesn't.

This week, they brought back all the eliminated contestants to hold a challenge to see which one would be brought back into the game. Vicki made a comment about how everyone BUT Phil deserved to be back in the game. I find it interesting that she thinks that she has the ability to determine who does and doesn't deserve to be there. The competition is about one thing - weight loss. Phil had lost 68 lbs to date and a high percentage of any of the eliminated contestants and higher than most - if not all - of the current contestants. How does that mean he doesn't deserve to be there? What I found very interesting was even before Heba's husband Ed won the challenge to come back, Vicki and Heba were shown acting like they were the sheriffs in town and anyone they weren't aligned with were going home. Oh, how far the proud can fall.

Ed is now back in the game - but something happened they did not factor in. Brady ended up below the yellow line. The funny thing is that if Ed hadn't had immunity, he would have been in the bottom 2 along with Brady - then we would have really seen some drama as Heba and Vicki would have had to become opponents for the first time. They didn't count on Amy C. voting against them, however. They just assumed that since she was on the blue team that she would vote off Michelle - they forgot she was on a team with Michelle in the first place. Amy voting Brady off was one of the first times someone on a reality show made the right decision to vote off someone instead of "going with the flow". I have seen it so many times on Survivor where people were intimidated into voting with a strong alliance and then regretted it later. Next week should be interesting as we get to see the backlash of Brady going home - Vicki really goes psycho. They show in the trailer a sign that says "Revenge" on it and Amy C. crying. This should be good. Kudos to Amy for finally showing Vicki and her little crew that they are not running this game anymore.

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I used to watch biggest loser, but it's become too much drama. I want to see people lose weight to help encourage me to do the same, not be all bitch and "play the game".