Football is Just a Game

The level of stupidity in this country amazes me sometimes. Did I not get the memo that college football is worth killing over? I was under the impression that it is JUST A GAME - not a matter of life an death. Well, in Evergreen, AL, it became a matter of death over the weekend. As we know, the LSU QB handed Alabama a win on Saturday. Apparently, an LSU fan, Dennis Smith, called the boyfriend of a relative, Michael Williams, and an argument ensued. Smith and his wife, with a pistol, went to the home of Williams and Williams took out a shotgun and killed the couple. He is now charged with two counts of murder - over a silly football game! It never ceases to amaze me the number of idiots out there.

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I think of it as 'natural selection' taking care of the weak genes in the pool

well, this would surprise me more if it wasn't SOUTHERN football fans. Guns are like opinions down there-- every asshole has one.

Northern fans would just have gotten in a fistfight.