New Intervention

As I mentioned previously, I love the A&E show Intervention (as does our buddy John!). I'm excited that they just announced the new season will premiere on December 15th with Janet, a 50-yo divorcee who is an alcoholic and sex addict. I think that this may be the first episode where they profile a sex addict. Check it out if you haven't seen the show - current repeats show on Monday nights at 8pm and 9pm EST.

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Thanks for the news...I have no idea how I missed that.
A sex-addict? How fun and exciting.
Why couldn't they do a story on David Duchovny's rehab? THAT I'd love to see!

They don't pay the people to do the shows, so I doubt they'd be willing to pay the price for Duchovny as I'm sure that would cost a lot.