Well, I have sad news to report. As I posted recently we adopted a 7-week-old lab mix puppy from one of Darin's co-workers who rescued two pregnant abandoned dogs. It's fair to say that we fell in love with Bella the first day. Unfortunately, she was still at the stage where there is a lot of picking her up and putting her down as part of housebreaking her, etc. So, thanks to my health we were unable to keep her as it was causing me tremendous pain. Also, while we expected our male dog to have some adjustment issues, it was our older female dog who had major issues with the puppy being here. It just got worse as the puppy was here longer. So all around, it was best to not keep the puppy - but we're still incredibly upset about it.

If anyone in Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama is reading this and would like to adopt a lab mix puppy, they still have 9 or 10 puppies left who need a good home.

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Sorry to hear that...but at least you tried to take her in!!
I'm sure she'll find a happy home, as will her brothers and sisters.