Trip Photos

This was the 3rd snowfall of the trip. 8 inches on top of the 14" we already had. I don't miss that!

This is Darin's nephew Russell. I'm not sure what he was thinking here.

This is my cousin Kelly's daughter Kayley. I think this was the only time she was awake all day!

This is Darin's nephew Willum. I think he was ready to eat.

This is my cousin Erin and her baby Hailey. We think she wants to be the Flying Nun when she grows up!

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All adorable! I love Russell's expression there- it almost looks like he's pondering his life's philosophy or the like. ;) Kayley's dress is beautiful.:) As for Willium's pose, that could have come straight out of one of my family's photo albums (food and food intake were major past times for my family, still wondering if its the Italian side or not...). Haily looks full of energy there! :)

Cute kids....wait till they get older....still cute, just more to handle.

Fortunately, I'm not the one who has to handle them. My cousin Erin has 3 older boys just waiting to corrupt Hailey too.