Are we ready for Change?

Today I was very angered. A good friend of mine posted a blog showing disappointment in some things that President Obama has done in his first days in office. For this, he was attacked. I didn't realize that if we have a differing opinion it automatically makes us the enemy. When did that happen? Just because someone disagrees with you or says something you don't like does not make THEM wrong. Perhaps it is you that is wrong. Perhaps no one is wrong. That's why they call it an OPINION.

I was under the impression that this country was founded in part so that people could voice their opinion in an open way. Isn't that what freedom of speech is? Why is it wrong to say you don't like something?

People are calling for change in this country. Are we ready though? If things are to change, perhaps we should begin with ourselves.

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It's like there is a gay mafia out there. "You are either with us or you are against us!" They should have gotten a clue that President Obama is not going to do everything to their liking when he chose Rick Warren to do the invocation.


it's because 'everyone' is in love with the image the media has painted up of him. to the whole world, he's the best and this is what the country need. (to me that is a load of crock) so when one person starts criticizing how he's doing his job, all of 'obamas groupies' must defend him, because apparently as president he can't defend himself.


I'm a supporter of B.O. I voted for B.O. However I'm not gonig to be upset if someone criticizes B.O., cuz lerd knows we've been critical of G. Dub for a long, long time. Everyone should look at all leaders with a critical mind. That's what continues to make us a great peoples.

And to the fella up above who showed up without his shirt on, it's not "like" there's a gay mafia. There IS a gay mafia. Oh, and I like yer hat too.