Survivor Week 3

I have to admit that I didn't pay close attention to Survivor this week. Sorry, American Idol comes first in my book. Next week things will go back to normal when Idol is on Tue./Wed. again.

I did manage to flip back and forth and I did watch the challenges and tribal council. I was actually surprised that Erinn is still around. She has managed to alienate herself from the group, yet there were enough people that agreed with her that Jerry needed to leave. I'm sure Jerry, a former military man, must have been shocked at his ouster since Tyson told him "no one" was talking about voting him. Sorry Tyson, no one was talking to YOU or Coach about it. That's all. Maybe Coach's "desired game" won't come true after all. Remember, this is Survivor - the strong rarely come out on top.

Dumbass of the Weak : Coach and Tyson. Lordy, lordy. Can we go one season without a "bromance" or a mutual admiration butt-licking society? I sincerely hope Tyson is just amusing Coach by acting excited about being his "assistant coach." Wait, is that like Robin was Batman's sidekick or like Ernie is "just roommates" with Bert? Something tells me it is the latter.

Surprise of the Week : The Jalapeno Kickers, I mean the Jalapao Tribe. In week 1 it looked like Timbira was going to steamroll them. Two weeks in a row now Jalapao has kicked some Timbira ass. Rarely do we see a tribe in the early episodes work with such great teamwork. Looks like Sandee could be around a while, eh?

I wonder if Tyson will blindside Coach next week .. or is it more likely he will do something with his backside?

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