American Idol Top 13 : 2 Hit The Road

The results show was tonight and the massacre of Michael Jackson songs continued as the contestants did a cheesy medley of Jackson 5 songs. Doesn't a medley consist of several songs? Guess not on Idol. Anyways, the big surprise was announced tonight. Apparently the producers of the show are tired of people not voting for the contestants they want them to. So, one time during the season the judges will be able to veto the elimination of a contestant. So, if Danny Gokey or Adam Lambert get booted, look for them to veto the decision.

I thought the show was for AMERICA to vote for their favorite. Not for the producers to decide who viewers should vote for.

Is this Communist Idol?

Well, to the results. As predicted, the bottom four came down to Anoop Desai, Jorge Nunez, Jasmine Murray and Megan Corkery. See how much we needed a 13th finalist? How about that wildcard talent? Megan can thank the people over at Vote For The Worst for their help in keeping her in the competition.

The first to go was Jasmine Murray and we were treated to another mangling of "I'll Be There." Then they asked if the judges were going to save her. The look on her face actually looked like she thought there was a chance they would save her. Sorry, Jas, they are saving that in case Adam or Danny get the early boot - not for your tone deaf talent.

Then it was down to Anoop and Jorge. Honestly, I was hoping they could send 3 people home this week. I could have dealt with listening to Jasmine again next week. I don't want to listen to either of these guys again. Neither one should have been in the Top 36 let alone the Top 13. In the end, Jorge was given the ax.

So, I was 1 of 2 this week. But I did call all 4 in the bottom. I know crap when I hear it.

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hey, dave! found you, so now i can go get a good night's sleep. first of all, i like the color scheme you have going here - quite easy to read. secondly, i love the comment "i know crap when i hear it"! you could sell that trait. last, but not least, is the dog on top of the computer real? is it yours?

hope your thursday is mahvelous, dahling!

LOL no that dog is not mine. I forget where I found that dog peeing on the laptop photo. I had to have it though lol ... as for the color scheme, I'm going to unveil a new one soon ... will be green tones :) thanks for the feedback :)

I'm ASTOUNDED at how awful some of those singers are. Most of the MJ stuff was so under pitch I was close to losing my mind.

God help us when they do country this week!