Pokey Wants His Own Easter Bunny

Most of y'all might remember me posting about my dogs. Our 4-year-old boy Pokey has recently discovered small furry animals. Before we moved back to Louisiana, he didn't have a chance to chase anything. Being out here in the country, that has changed dramatically.

Last night, he did the funniest thing. When Darin took the dogs out to do their business, Pokey was sniffing around the azalea bush. All of a sudden, he came tearing through the bush and ahead of him was a rabbit! The poor thing was hopping for its dear life.

Darin swears that Pokey just "wants to play with it." Yeah, right. You should see him play with his squeaker toys. The object is to "find the squeaker" inside. We find cotton everywhere and limbs lying on the floor. Just imagine the carnage when he finally catches some poor animal.

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