How Well Do You Know Your Sunday School Teacher?

On March 27th, 8-year-old Sandra Cantu was last seen skipping down the road in the Tracy, CA, mobile home park she lived in. Well, at least that's what the surveillance video saw.

She wasn't seen alive ever again.

On April 6th, farmers found a suitcase in the water and inside was the remains of Sandra Cantu. While there were some disturbing things discovered during the search for the little girl, the police had absolutely no leads as to what had happened to Cantu.

The police believe they know who committed the murder : a Sunday School teacher.

That's right. What is even sicker is that Cantu was very close friends with the woman's daughter - one of the Cantu family's neighbors. After the remains had been found, Melissa Huckaby told investigators that a suitcase had been stolen from her driveway.

That was the suitcase they found the girl's body in.

Although they have arrested her for kidnapping and murder, police have said that they still do not know why Huckaby committed these crimes. Hopefully she will answer those questions so the Cantu family can have some closure.

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