OctoMom Gets Her Own Show?

Yes, it looks like she will.

How much longer will authorities allow this woman to abuse these children? I am sorry, but that is exactly what this has become. By doing IVF to conceive again, she has neglected the six kids she already had. It has come to light that she already had nannies taking care of those children and she had very little to do with their upbringing. How she paid for those nannies, who knows.

Now with 14 kids to care for, how the hell is she doing it? She isn't doing it herself that's for sure! According to the nannies (those VOLUNTEERS) that she fired, the only times Suleman even went into the nursery was when cameras were rolling. She denied those reports. Sorry OctoMom, no one believes you anymore.

Recently, Suleman stated that she may apply for welfare. Um, didn't this woman say repeatedly that she would NEVER receive welfare? Of course, she was getting disability, food stamps and disability payments for 3 of her first 6 children - but she doesn't consider that assistance as welfare.

I would like to know something. If she cannot afford to feed her children, how can she afford to blow $1000 on make-up, $1500 on clothing for HERSELF or afford the $560,000 home she recently purchased (in her father's name of course)?

Now, she wants to use the babies to get herself on television. WHAT? The funny thing is that she wants whomever agrees to produce the show to limit the exposure of the babies. Yep, you heard me right. She seems to think that she is such a loved celebrity that people would want to see a show mostly about HER. Apparently, she wants to do a show that follows her search for love.

Anyone else notice how she seems to focus ONLY on HERSELF? How can she continue to deny that she did the IVF for selfish reasons? From the moment the birth became news, it has clearly been all about herself and not about those babies. She just wants to keep padding her bank account while the media and the taxpayers foot the bill. Let's not forget that huge hospital bill the taxpayers will be footing! But she can blow all that money on frivolous things for herself.

Where is child services in all of this?? HELP THOSE CHILDREN!

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Kids, our word for today is "exploitation" can we say "exploitation"? Good!