Going Too Far?

Findlay,Ohio - 17-year-old Tyler Frost goes to the Heritage Christian School which is a fundamentalist Baptist school in northwest Ohio. Each student, and their parents, are required to sign a contract with the school that they understand the school's policy regarding dancing, rock music, public displays of affection, drinking/drugs, etc. As the school does not allow dancing, the school does not have its own prom. Tyler's girlfriend goes to another school and plans to go to her prom as her date.

Heritage principal Tim England says that Tyler is facing suspension if he goes to the prom and will receive an "incomplete" for the remainder of his school work which will interfere with his graduating on May 24.

Is it right for Heritage to impose its rules outside of school?

Frost's stepfather, Stephan Johnson, says the school's rules should not apply outside the classroom. I have to say, I agree. I don't see how a school can say their rules apply outside of school or sanctioned events of that school.

What do y'all think?

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That's not fair!!! They have no right to dictate what goes on outside of their school. Personally, I think that their rules are too strict anyway, not that they asked me tho...lol. What's wrong with dancing and rock music??? As for the "public displays of affection"...does that include hand-holding...what's wrong with that? Hey wake up guys, this is 2009 not 1909. I do however agree with them about the drinking and drugs. It sounds like these young people have been raised well...try giving them a little trust and freedom...this boy is a Senior afterall...not a kid. Just my opinion.

You have to remember this is a fundamentalist christian school. Remember footloose? They had banned dancing and rock music because they lead to sin, drugs, booze, etc ...

The thing is, the church/school thinks they are being biblically correct but last time I checked, Jesus made wine and David will tell you, it's very okay to dance in God's book.


You're so right about the wine and dancing. My granddaughter goes to a private Christian school (well, she's only in pre-school, kindergarten next fall)...but they aren't that fundamental. They even have a Prom.