UPDATE: Pair Arrested For Scamming Children

Well, we finally have some good news to report in the case of the stolen trip money.

Maya and Patricia Dyer have been arrested for felony theft.

Police interview over 40 parents who have lost their money. While there is still some confusion over who was arranging this trip, it is clear that the Dyers were in charge of the money. Most of the checks were endorsed by one of the two women.

The question now is will it go to trial to put them in jail and when, if at all, will the parents get their money back.

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Good. Somebody needs to take responsibility for this. The parents are out money and the kids are out a trip.

I wonder though, in the last update it said some of the checks were written to the school...in that case, how were these two allowed to cash them? I'd be worried if my kids school was allowing parents to cash school checks...I wouldn't trust the parents at my son's school with my checks lol

According to the news report I watched last night, they deposited some in their personal accounts. And some they managed to "find a way" to cash. Not sure who cashed them for them but I don't think it was in a legitimate way ... I'm sure they are checking into how they were able to endorse the checks and get them cashed when they shouldn't have.


I'm soooo glad they got caught! I hope they either plead guilty and get a lot of jail time or if it goes to trial that they are found guilty...and with all of the evidence, I'm sure they would. Hopefully the parents will be able to get their money back...if it hasn't all been spent. But none of this will make the kids who were out a trip feel any better.