The Bachelorette : Train To Nowhere

We're almost there folks. In just a few short weeks, we will find out with of the bachelors will become the next to be engaged and then dumped in a month.

Okay ... that's being generous. They'll at least make it to the After The Final Rose special.

Well, maybe not. After last season, anything is possible.

At the start of this week's episode, we had 8 bachelors remaining in the competition for Jillian's heart. At the end, we were left with 5 bachelors who will bring Jillian home to meet their friends and family. But will we care?

Jillian and the remaining guys all boarded a private train to travel across Canada and ending in the city of Banff. Once on the train, Jillian handed the guys the first date card which said that Robby would be getting his first one-on-one with her. Things were going with for Robby during dinner in the caboose, but post-dinner didn't go so well. I think Jillian picked up on the same thing I did ... he is a loser! The guy doesn't have a job, although the show listed him as a bartender. Basically, he isn't ready for marriage. He doesn't know how he'll even pay the bills! Does this guy live in his parents' house or something? Like a smart girl, Jillian kicked Robby to the curb and left him standing by the train track with his luggage. Buh-bye Robby!

After the train had left Robby in its dust, Wes took the opportunity to console Jillian. This came after Wes admitted to the camera that he had spent years working on his album and that he is there to get exposure in hopes of hitting the big time. Hell, his manager told him to do the show because it would be good for his career! He even said that he "has Jillian wrapped around his finger". Anyone else want to smack him?

The second date was a group date with Wes, Tanner, Jake, Jesse, Michael and Kiptyn. Naturally, the group went snow-shoeing. Exciting, huh? Yeah, I didn't think so either. Well, it got better when Tanner dropped his pants and showed his goody package for everyone. He can rub my feet all he wants as long as he does it in that thong (or without) and nothing else! Oh, and Tanner admitted to the guys that he was the one who mentioned to Jillian that someone had a girlfriend. Once again, he didn't say who though. Chicken. Tanner's admitting to the act did have a great result though. Wes admitted to the guys that he's gotten the exposure he came there for and that he'll be a "star" now that he's gotten to do his song on the show, etc. JACKASS!

To be honest, not much else really happened on the date. Jake didn't express his feelings, Michael was like a big kid and Kiptyn was a cheeseball. Jesse bugged me ... he is saying what he thinks she wants to hear and not much more. In the end, Kiptyn got the rose for being the cheesiest. I have a feeling Kiptyn will be around for the finale and possibly even the one she picks.

The third date was another one-on-one with Reid. This time the pair went snowboarding, which impressed Jillian because Reid sucked at it and he could have chosen skiing instead. Yeah, I think she is easily impressed too. That's about all that happened ... and he got a rose for it. He's cute but we still haven't learned anything about him.

We didn't have a cocktail party this week. As usual, Chris sat down with Jillian to discuss how she is feeling about the choice she was about to make. He asked her about Wes and his intentions ... she actually said that she thought Wes "is a bad liar" and while he may have started out with just wanting exposure, she thought he was actual still there because he was getting much more. Man, if only she could watch the confessionals. She'd see he is a jackass and not the sensitive, wonderful guy she thinks he is. The only semi-interesting thing from the rose ceremony is that she pulled Michael to a private room to ask him if he is really ready for what she is looking for. He told her what she wanted to hear ... even if it isn't true.

Besides Robby, both Tanner and Jake ended up being eliminated. I wasn't surprised about Tanner (I'll console him ...) but Jake surprised me. He seemed to be the only one left with a real job and any kind of grounding. Come on, we have a break dance instructor, a musician and three guys who I have no idea about, even after 6 weeks of the show.

This season is now officially CRAP like most of the seasons before it. BUT ... Jake will be back next week! He has decided to let Jillian in on the truth about Wes. The question is, who will she believe?

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