Pick A Card, Win An Election

It is not unusual to have a run-off in an election.

But a tie vote? Now that IS a tad unusual.

Doesn't happen often, but it did happen in Cave Creek, Arizona.

The final Town Council seat in the small Phoenix-area town came down to 25-year-old Adam Trenk and former Councilman Thomas McGuire, who both received 660 votes. Now that is an odd coincidence!

So how did they break the tie?

Another run-off vote? Nah.

Some crazy, complicated formula? Nope.

If you guessed that the cut cards, you'd be insane ... but you'd also be right.

The is an obscure Arizona law dating back to 1925 that says election ties, in all but the state's five top offices, should be broken "by lot." So that's just what they did.

Mayor Vincent Francia drew one of three decks from a cowboy hat. A judge shuffled the cards and McGuire drew the six of hearts. After Trent drew the King of hearts, the crowd erupted in cheers and Trent was immediately sworn into office. I wonder how long it will take them to repeal this old law. Ha!

Wonder what would have happened if this method was used in Florida to solve the mess in the Presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. That would have been interesting!

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Betcha Good Ole G W would'a used a stacked deck! He's probably got them all over the place, in case of emergencies!