More Candidates For Worst Mother Of The Year

I have a couple candidates for our Worst Mother of the Year Award. And let me tell you ... these are a couple of real winners.

First up is the Voodoo Queen of New York City.

A NYC woman and her mother burned the woman's 6-year-old daughter in a Haitian Voodoo ritual called Loa. She doused her child with accelerant and made her stand naked in the middle of a ring of fire. Naturally, the child was engulfed in the flames. The woman and the grandmother both ignored the girl's cries and screams. Instead, the grandmother washed the child and then put her to bed. The next day, a relative found the girl. The child had life-threatening burns over 25% of her body! Thankfully, the girl is now in foster care and the women have been arrested on felony charges.

I don't care what your religion is ... NOTHING gives you the right to do this to a child!

Our second nominee is a Maryland woman who gives new meaning to killing in 'cold blood'.

43-year-old Renee Bowman has been indicted on charges of killing her two adopted daughters, which Bowman kept in her freezer! The case against her began when her 7-year-old daughter jumped out of a window and was found in her neighborhood. She had also been abused by her mother. Allegedly, the woman killed the two girls sometime between 2005 and 2007 when they were living in Montgomery County, MD. Bowman had even been receiving payments from a Washington, D.C. agency! I'm glad that the third girl survived but now I fear for her. The trauma she has endured will most likely scar her for life. Hopefully, Bowman will go to prison for life.

The last candidate is perhaps the sickest of all three. This is also the most bizarre. Yes, even more bizarre than keeping your dead children in the freezer.

This one actually starts in the United Kingdom but ends in a small town in Maine. Apparently, police in West Midlands, England, received information that a local man was using the Internet to view child pornography. What he was viewing was taking place in Mars Hill, Maine, which is a town of only 1500 residents.

What was he watching? He was watching Julie Carr, 30, sexually abusing one of her four children on a webcam! Carr's children range in age from 18 months up to 5-years-old. It's bad enough that she was abusing her child but it's even worse that she was feeding the sexual addiction of pedophiles. I know what her older children are in for during the rest of their lives. I wouldn't wish that upon any child. Carr faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted of all the charges. I say give her life in prison!

There are some truly sick people in this world. My heart goes out for these children. I know it's difficult to read about these stories but it is important that they get told. People need to know these kinds of things are happening and it is happening closer to them than they think.

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Sick Sick Sick Hell's too goo for any of them!


They all deserve to be burnt at the stake like the evil witches they are!!!

This is what capital punishment was intended for in my opinion. I have had mixed feelings about it over the years but when it comes to situations like this I know I personally could trip the switch or fill the needles without ANY hesitation. People like that do not deserve to live among us.