Mother Of The Year

Well kids ... we have another candidate for "Mother of the Year" ...

For those who haven't seen my MOY posts, that really means "Dumbass Mother of the Year" ...

Emily Beth McDonald, 23, from Austin, TX, was charged with felony injury to a child. Now I have heard of parents beating their children, starving their children and neglecting their children. This one probably takes the prize for weirdest way to abuse your child: feeding them human feces.

Yes, you read that correctly. She literally fed her child crap.

McDonald's 3-year-old daughter had been admitted to Dell Children's Medical Center with a "high fever and a long history of chronic diarrhea." She had a catheter and doctor's conducted a blood test which tested positive for foreign bacteria common in feces. Doctors inserted a feeding tube.

Because of their suspicions, doctors placed a camera in the child's hospital room. The mother was caught on tape using a soiled diaper and smearing feces on the cap of the feeding tube which has a direct link to the child's bloodstream. Based on medical history, it seemed the child would get better and then feces would most likely be introduced to her system so she would get sicker.

Allegedly, the mother confessed to the action and she admitted knowing that her actions could harm, and possibly kill, her child.

WTF? I would say that she probably did this because of some mental illness but if that were true, she wouldn't acknowledge knowing that her actions were wrong. Why would anyone think to make their child sick by feeding them their own excrement?

Her lawyer actually had the audacity to release a statement saying that she is "a fine young woman from a fine family who loves her children very much."

Yeah, nothing says I Love You like forcing them to eat poop.

The good news is that she has been ordered to stay away from her children. She has two other children, ages 6 and 4. She faces possible life in jail if she is convicted. No matter what, that nutcase shouldn't be allowed to ever be those children's caretaker.

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Are you serious...that's all i can say.....

Yes I am serious. And it was caught on tape. Sheesh!

Wow...and I thought my mother's cooking was crap...but this takes the cake.