SYTYCD : Vegas Week Pt. 1

We finally got to the point of the auditions where we don't have to watch the crappy "dancers" anymore. Now that the 178 dancers had made it to Vegas week, it was time to see who has what it takes to make it onto the live shows.

On Day 1, the judges started off with solos by each dancer. Unlike seasons past, the judges did some serious cutting right away. Normally, they wouldn't make a cut until after this first style workshop but this season, they realized how many of the dancers didn't measure up to the rest. After the solos, 45 dancers were cut. Among those cut was Thalia who was one of my favorites from the Miami auditions. She was one I was afraid wouldn't make it far ... but I thought she'd at least make it through one cut.

After the solos decimated the number of dancers, it was time for hip-hop with Tabatha & Napoleon D'umo. For those who haven't seen the show, this couple is known for the 'softer' side of hip-hop. Don't let that fool you ... they like to do hard-hitting, difficult routines. Normally, we don't see a huge cut made during the hip-hop workshop, but this season we lost 37 dancers. I told you they are tough.

After one day of Vegas week, 82 dancers had already been cut. The second day started off with a waltz routine with Jean-Marc Genereaux & Frances. One of the biggest surprises was that Noboyu, a Japanese hip-hop/popper, was actually quite good. Not perfect, but it was a shock to everyone, including Mary Murphy, the resident ballroom expert. Just 16 dancers were cut this round.

The second workshop on Day 2 was a jazz routine with Sonya. This is where I got angry with the judges. During the rehearsal time, Sonya had Brandon & Natalie (my 2 favorites from the LA auditions) do the routine to show others how it is done. After performing it for the judges, Natalie was cut. WHAT??? She didn't even get the chance to dance for her life! It amazes me how they hold her to a higher standard than others. She was the BEST dancer they had. After cutting her, they gave Gabi (another one I loved) a chance to dance for her life. So why her and not Natalie? I just don't get it. Gabi was amazing though. In all, 6 dancers were cut after this routine.

Day 2 didn't end there. Now it was time for the remaining 73 dancers to work in groups to choreograph a routine to the song on their CD. They had to do it overnight and be ready to perform it for the judges on the morning of Day 3. Basically, the first 4 groups sucked hard. The only great routine was the final group, which had Ryan (the whoopi cushion guy) and his amazing choreographing abilities. They called themselves "nerdography" and really impressed the judges. It was the ONLY group to do a real routine, from start to finish.

Day 3 ended with one of the highlights of Vegas week - contemporary with Mia Michaels. The woman is maybe the best choreographer in the US. One of my favorites from the auditions, Caitlyn, almost didn't make it through this round ... despite being a lyrical dancer. Her nerves got the better of her but she got the chance to dance for her life. Needing just three judges to vote yes, she squeaked through with just the three. 54 of the dancers made it through the round - which is usually the toughest.

On Day 4, Nigel announced something new - Broadway with Tyce D'Orio. I loved the look on Ryan & Evan's faces ... they are the 'Broadway Brothers'. The dancers were broken up into girls and guys to do routines from West Side Story. Two of my favorites, Tapper Bianca & Gabi, were cut after this round. Gabi should have been cut sooner IMO. She just didn't bring her best to Vegas.

Part 1 of Vegas week ended with the dancers preparing their final solos. 16 guys and 16 girls made it to the final solo but only 10 guys and 10 girls will make it onto the live shows. Of the 17 people I highlighted throughout the first rounds of auditions, at least 9 are still alive in the competition!

They are: Askau & Ricky, Kelsea, Paris, Janette, Caitlyn, Ryan, Evan and Brandon.

Catch Part 2 of Vegas week Thursday at 8p/7c to see who makes it into the Top 20!

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