Papa Archuleta Caught Trying To Get Happy Ending

Is David Archuleta's father trying to kill his son's career? Last year, he was banned from backstage during American Idol for being a nightmarish stage dad. This time, he has tarnished his son's happy ending by trying to get one himself ... in a massage parlor!

This isn't something that just happened but it is just now reaching the media. Back in January, Jeff Archuleta was caught during a raid at the Queens of Reiki massage parlor in Midvale, Utah. Apparently, police determined that the business was operating without a business license and ordered a raid on the location where they found only one client ... Papa Archuleta.

According to Detective Sgt. John Salazar of the Midvale Police Dept., “he was just finishing up in suite number one. I sent two of the officers in and the male was on his stomach on the table with a masseuse in lace underwear.”

Archuleta even admitted to having received sexual favors from the parlor after finding an ad on Craigslist. His lawyer argued that he was only there for legitimate massage therapy for his back. Um ... He admitted to receiving sexual favors! Kind of hard to deny something he already admitted and plead no contest to in court.

I wonder what the Mormon church has to say about this! And they think that gays are the ones trying to destroy the 'sanctity' of marriage. Look at their own church members' actions!

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Too bad it wasn't a male masseuse!
That's would have added a whole different spin, now wouldn't it!?!?

Yup ... and it would have been in line with Mormons lol Soooo many are in the closet. Heck look at the movie "Latter Days". It happens a lot.

got love those soon david will come out. If he aint gay, then Im

yea, you can use my tweeter thingy on my blog..I made it, help yourself.