SYTYCD : Top 18 Results Show

Well kids ... I was close in my predictions.

Before Cat got to the voting results, we were treated to another amazing routine choreographed by Mia Michaels, which was set to Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder. Sometimes I think Mia lives 'outside the box'. Cat got right into the results following the performance.

I did get two of the three couples in the Bottom 3 correct ... Kaitlyn & Jason and Ashley & Kupono. I was surprised that Asuka & Vitolio were able to avoid dancing for their lives again. Instead, Kayla & Max rounded out the Bottom 3 couples. I was in SHOCK! I guess not everyone could appreciate the genius of Brian Freidman!

As for the solos ....

Kaitlyn and Jason were amazing tonight. I didn't think either of them would be in danger of being eliminated but it was great to see just how great they are for an extra time. I thought Kayla danced well, although the judges thought she tried to pack too much into her solo. On the other hand, Ashley wasted too much of her time and while she looked beautiful, there wasn't much in her solo. The same could be said for Kupono too. Max, I thought, was great ... but apparently some of the judges thought he wasn't. After watching the solos, and thinking over last night's performances, I thought that Ashley & Kupono should be eliminated.

While the judges were not unanimous in their decision, Ashley and Max were eliminated. WHAT? No way should Max have been eliminated. He was great last night and I thought he had a great solo tonight. Kupono sucked last night and he sucked tonight! I hate that Nigel and the producers put too much stock in the contemporary dancers. Heck, look at who is left ... 6 of the 8 guys are contemporary! On the girl's side, 5 are contemporary dancers. This definitely was NOT the more diverse cast they've had.

Oh well. Looking to next week, we will have a new partnership as Kayla & Kupono will now be dancing together. Kupono better hope he avoids the Bottom 3 next week ... I don't think he'd survive again!

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