SYTYCD : Top 16 Performs

Hard to believe we're already to the third week of live performances! Seems like it was just yesterday that we were cringing at the dancing of "Sex" and other rejects like him. Tonight we had a special treat ... 80's icon Toni Basil was the guest judge! Not sure who she is? She was the singer who had the one-hit wonder, "Hey Mickey!" She was never really a singer but her one hit has inspired many cheerleaders to annoy us. She was, and still is, a choreographer and has worked with some of the biggest acts in music history. Now, on to the couples!

You're so fine, you blew my mind

Kaitlyn & Jason - Paso Doble w/ Jean-Marc & Frances - This is always the hardest dance style for the contestants on the show. Even the ballroom dancers aren't always experienced at it. That said, this is one of the few ballroom styles that the audience goes crazy for. I thought Jason definitely struggled a bit. A few times he broke character and at the end he seemed more like a comic book character than a bullfighter. Kaitlyn was great as usual. Overall, I think they did enough to make it through to next week.

Jeanine & Phillip - Broadway w/ Tyce D'Orio - This my 2nd favorite routine of the night. Jeanine did an awesome job in this "tongue-in-chick" style routine. Phillip was a little on the rough side but it's very apparent just how much he has improved in his performance abilities outside of his own genre. Heck, he didn't even let his ripped pants get in the way after that great leap over the sofa. I don't see these two ending up in the Bottom 3.

Jeanette & Brandon - Hip Hop w/ Dave Scott - I am on the fence about this performance. I thought that Jeanette's "rocker chick" was the clear star of this routine. Brandon as the hip hop element didn't impress me one bit. Heck, Nigel is more hip hop than Brandon was tonight. First off, his outfit made him look like a farmhand or a gas station worker. His hat made it worse ... it looked like something you'd see at the national cheerleading competition. I think the voters will keep them safe but it is because of Jeanette, not Brandon.

Randi & Evan - Contemporary w/ Mia Michaels. I would really love to know what goes on in Mia's head. Mia loves to take the audience down the rabbit hole with her routines ... and it is well worth the trip. The "plot" of the routine is that Evan was mesmerized by Randi's booty. Just that alone makes it intriguing. Their dancing made it so much more. As Nigel put it, there wasn't a bench or a bed or a doorway (references to past Mia creations) ... but there was Randi's butt. This was easily the best routine of the night, if not the season thus far. I think Evan already has a good following and it may have increased after this one.

They blew it

Kayla & Kupono - Viennese Waltz w/ Jean-Marc & Frances - They weren't the worst couple tonight and they may not even deserve to be in the Bottom 3, but I think they will be. I thought Kayla was incredible once again but I had a problem with Kupono. I want to know when he is going to dance like he has genitals on the outside. The only way you could tell he was the guy is that he lifted Kayla up. He is just too effeminate and that is probably what is turning off the voters. In the audition process, they addressed that very issue with him and it seemed like he was improving ... but tonight was a big step back IMO.

Asuka & Vitolio - Jazz w/ Mandy Moore - This was supposed to resemble "thrash rocker jazz" but I don't think it hit the mark. Asuka came off more butch than Vitolio did! They had this incredibly powerful song and the dancing just didn't match it with its intensity. Asuka clearly looked uncomfortable and at times it seemed like she was just going step to step and not really doing much in between. As for Vitolio, I didn't even notice him to be honest. Again, Nigel seems to be critiquing in a way that seems to be trying to convince voters to keep these two in the competition. He actually said Vitolio was 'macho' (but he wasn't) and that the performance was 'fantastic'. Um, try again Nigel.

Melissa & Ade - Rhumba w/ Tony Meredith - First off, I want to grab the damn pick out of his hair! Every week, there is the same pick in his hair during the video package. That just makes him look stupid. Yes I know it's a cultural thing ... it's not. It's a lazy and tacky thing. As for the dancing, I thought Melissa did all the work. She was great but I don't think Ade added anything of substance to the performance. There was a clear major mistake in the middle of the routine but of course the judges didn't mention it. In no way did they deserve the raves they received. I hope they are in the Bottom 3, only because Ade deserves to go home. Actually, that's a toss up between him and Vitolio.

Carla & Jonathan - Hip Hop w/ Dave Scott - The two were supposed to be "gangsta" ... and everyone should have been worried when the two kept saying "gangster." It's too completely different things. One of the great things about hip hop is the "rawness" of the movements and that was completely missing from this routine. I am not sure we can totally blame the dancers on this one, though. I don't think the choreography was strong enough to showcase the dancers. Some of these choreographers forget that it's about the dancers on this show and not just showing off the best of what the choreographers can do. Their job on this show is too bring out the best in their dancers and keeping in mind that it's a whole new world for the dancers. That said, I wouldn't be surprised to see them in the Bottom 3 ... and it might be the end of the road for them.

My Bottom 3

Carla & Jonathan
Asuka & Vitolio
Melissa & Ade

I want to see Asuka & Vitolio go home ... or even Ade. I think that if Carla & Jonathan are in the Bottom 3, it will be their swan song.

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