SYTYCD : Top 16 Results Show

Last night's performance show had some great performances and some I wish I hadn't watched. Before tonight's results show I wondered if the voters would get it right this week. They got it partially correct.

After an incredible performance choreographed by SYTYCD alum Dmitri Chaplin, the first five couples were brought onstage to learn their fate. Of the first five couples, only one was in the Bottom 3 ... Asuka & Vitolio. I also loved how Evan & Randi got the loudest cheer from the audience!

After the commercial break, the final three couples were brought on stage. The final two couples in the Bottom 3 were Carla & Jonathan and Kaitlyn & Jason. The first didn't surprise me, but I thought Kaitlyn & Jason did not deserve to be in the Bottom 3 at all. The bonus was that we got to see Kaitlyn dance another solo.

Of the six solos, only Kaitlyn's was incredible. I thought Carla did well and, despite Nigel's comments, so had Jason. After seeing the solos, I thought it should be Asuka and Vitolio going home, although I thought they would choose Jonathan to go home.

The judges were unanimous in eliminating Asuka. Her solo just wasn't good enough ... it was 30 seconds of the same movements. That's the problem for the ballroom dancers. It is very difficult to do a solo in a partner style. On the guy's side, the judges voted 2-1 to eliminate Jonathan. Like Asuka, it's hard for someone who is used to having a partner to do a solo. I understood their decision but I was ready to bid Vitolio farewell!

There is always next week!

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