Do You Know Your Child's Bus Driver?

Not having taken a school bus to school as a kid, I don't know how well people know the bus driver. After all, you're entrusting your child's safety to a complete stranger!

Do you know their name?

Their driving record?

What about if they have a criminal record?

Chances are you barely know their name. In fact, in Baton Rouge they have a system of busing kids from one side of town to the other where kids have to change buses in the middle of the trip. Many people haven't even met their child's bus driver. Even if you have, you may not know the secrets their bus driver is keeping.

A lot of folks in Bossier City, LA, wish they had known.

A few weeks ago, 75-year-old bus driver, Thomas Smith Jr., was arrested for having sexual contact with two teenage boys who live near him and used to ride his bus. Apparently, the man use money to entice the boys into his home and have them insert objects, such as cucumbers and toys, into his rectum. He paid them $20 for each occurrence. He did not molest the boys.

He retired from his job the day after being arrested, before the school could fire him.

Apparently, his secret was pretty well-known around his neighborhood. He admitted to paying teens and even adults who need money for drugs to perform his fetish on him. Smith told investigators he got the fetish 40 years ago after watching a porn video. That same day, while living in New Orleans, he stopped at a grocery store and bought vegetables to use and has been that way since.

As revolted as I am by his actions, I am more troubled by the teens. They'd been doing this for 2 years. What have their parents been teaching them, or not teaching them, that they'd be so willing to continue this behavior for the little amounts of cash he offered them? Hopefully the teens' parents will get these kids some help and begin teaching them why this behavior was so wrong.

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