SYTYCD: Top 10 Performs

Say goodbye to the pairings.

We've reached the Top 10 and now we get to see how well the dancers can work with different partners after dancing with the same partner the last five weeks. Some did well, but at least one pairing was a disaster. This show is different than American Idol in that if you have a bad week, you could be doomed even if you're popular. On Idol, you can be a trainwreck like Sanjaya and stick around for six weeks.

This week the dancers would each perform three times - one with a new partner, one solo and a group number. I'm not a fan of the group number to be honest. It's not fair for a couple to get a ballroom number and no way to redeem themselves in a second couple performance. Some, like Jason & Jeanine, were blessed with their own style. Others, like Randi & Kupono, got the kiss of death paso doble. More about the group numbers further down.

Couple Dance

Kayla & Evan - Viennese Waltz w/ Tony & Melanie - Oh dear God. The tallest female and shortest male dancer get ballroom. Fortunately the fixed this by putting flats on Kayla and heels on Evan. That just shows how great a dancer Kayla is that she made it look like she was dancing in heels! Was the technique the best? No. But it doesn't matter. This show is about finding the FAVORITE dancer, not the best ballroom technique. The audience is going to vote based on how they feel not on a technique checklist! As Debi said, Evan handled his big woman! So shut it Nigel and Mary!!

Jeanette & Ade - Hip Hop w/ Nappie Tabs - Can we please tell Ade to take the damn pick out his hair? It's bad enough he does it in the video packages. I understand it's a style thing but just because it is doesn't mean we have to promote it. As for the dancing, it was just okay. I normally love the routines that Nappie Tabs creates but this one was really cheesy.

Jeanine & Jason - Contemporary w/ Travis Wahl (Season 2 Runner-up) - These two hit the luck jackpot in being the only couple to get their own style. You can tell Travis has been greatly influenced by Mia Michaels and he put together one hell of a routine. These two looked like they'd been dancing together all season and we easily the best performance of the night.

Randi & Kupono - Paso Doble w/ Tony & Melanie - Wow. I think Randi was the sorriest to see a new partner this week. She had been doing phenomenally until this trainwreck of a performance. First off, who's idea was it to put a brunette wig on her? It made no sense! What was worse was Kupono's performance. The Paso is the most masculine dance I can think of and he was like a wilted flower! He really needs to learn how to dance with masculinity. At the end, he even almost dropped her! Randi better hope the viewers pick up for the phone for her because Kupono may have just caused her to be collateral damage and bought her a ticket home.

Melissa & Brandon - Broadway w/ Tyce D'Orio - At first I was worried for them. Then I saw that the choreography didn't look like a Broadway style routine, which saved them. They did a routine inspired from the 60's show Hair. IMHO, I wasn't that impressed with the performance. Yes, Brandon's trick were good and Melissa was a passable hippie, but seeing the level that Evan can do, this wasn't even up to that standard. I think we could see one of these two in danger - which could possibly show us which of the pair viewers have been voting for.


The Good

Evan - Easily the best solo of the night. I love watching his Broadway-style performances. The others should really watch Evan's performances to see how to put together a proper solo from start to finish.

Kupono - He is finally learning how to put together a cohesive solo, rather than a bunch of moves put together. Still isn't difficult enough to win on this show and he will probably still be leaving the show.

Jeanine - This wasn't my favorite of the night but even when she is off she is great. She is able to transform other people's choreography but she struggles a little with her own creation.

Jeanette - It's always hard to put together a solo when your style is ballroom, or salsa in this case, but she did a very good job. She did well in showing off her incredible leg action and her amazing personality.

Not So Great

Jason - It started out great artistically but trailed off at the end. He really needs to put more thought into doing a full solo well. It's only 30 seconds, come on!

Ade - The performance needs to match the song. This was a solo song but fast movement. It's like he thinks if he takes off his shirt and does one big trick that it will suffice. He belongs in the Bottom 2 guys for sure.

Kayla - This was just too busy. When you try to pack so much into a 30-second solo, you lose the value of the performance quality.

Melissa - Technically, she is the best dancer on the show. But she is so boring. If this was a technical competition, she would win hands down. She needs to find a way to make people pick up the phone and vote for her.

Randi - This was the first time doing a solo on the live show and it wasn't really that good. It was sloppy and manic and even I saw her fall out of her turn sequence. I think we'll see that people have been voting to keep her because she was paired with Evan. I think she deserves to stick around at least one more week, but I'm not sure she will.

Brandon - Like many others, I have been waiting to see his solo for weeks. I wasn't impressed. It was desperate and I didn't believe the emotion he was trying to portray in the routine. I think he is an amazing dancer but I don't think he should win the whole show.

Group Numbers

The girls started off the show with yet another Balliwood routine. Do we really need this many routines because of Slumdog Millionaire? It was well danced and the best bit was the faces on the backs of their heads. I would rather have seen something contemporary to be honest.

The boys, I thought, had the better performance. I was really worried for them when they announced it was an African dance routine. Especially for poor Evan. Or as Nigel called him, the Dancing Milkshake. This was an incredibly difficult routine and I have to say they all impressed me. And I love that new choreographer Jeffrey Page let Evan add some humor to the performance (he stuck his stomach out in the little posing section). Awesome way to close the show.

Who Should Go?

First, I think we could see something interesting. In previous seasons we have seen couples that have never been in the Bottom 3 before the Top 10 see one of the two in the Bottom 2 during the Top 10 week. That goes to show who the voters are really voting for in the pairing. Only in Season 2 did a couple never find themselves in the Bottom 3 nor in the bottom 2 before the Finale (Champion Benji & Donyelle). Will we see this happen this week? I think we could.

I think out of the girls, Melissa and Randi could be in danger of leaving. It's also possible that Jeanette could as well. In the end, I think it SHOULD be Melissa but I think we'll find out that people have been voting for Evan and not for Randi. As for the guys, I really want to see Ade be eliminated but I think that hideous performance Kupono had will be his last.

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Have much of a crush on Evan? He's one dimensional. His waltz was poo. That said, his solo was great (because it's all he can do).

I disagree with your opinions about the group dance. The guys looked frantic. Kupono and Jason lacked power and masculinity. Evan looked like a goofball, but he still outperformed the aforementioned pansies. The girls were perfectly synchronized and their performance was clean. They embodied the spirit of the dance and the culture it comes from. We all have our preferences, but to say, "Do we really need this many routines because of Slumdog Millionaire" is quite ethnocentric. If you consider the global popularity of Bollywood, it deserves more airtime on SYTYCD. If there's anything we need more of, it's inclusion of world dance styles--even Russian dances that audiences don't get.

I agree with your predictions which turned out to be correct.