SYTYCD : Top 12 Results Show

After last night, only 10 dancers remain in the competition to become America's favorite dancer. As with past seasons, it is the Top 10 that are guaranteed spots on the National tour once the show ends.

The evening started with a hip hop group routine choreographed by Nappie Tabs (Napoleon & Tabitha), followed by the first two couples learning their fate.

For the first time this season, I had all three couples correct in the Bottom 3! I was sure that Kaitlyn & Jason and Jeanine & Philip would be dancing for their lives. I was ecstatic to see Melissa & Ade in the Bottom 3 as well. The look on Kayla & Kupono's faces said it all - they were shocked. Unlike American Idol, people voting for this show actually care about the performances.

After watching the six solos, it was clear to me that Kaitlyn was dancing for the final time. She just didn't do enough to stay around. Plus, she'd been in the Bottom 3 a total of three times and that is hard to overcome. As for the guys, I thought the weakest solo was Ade's. I knew Philip was in trouble though. In his own style he was AMAZING. But this show is about all genres of dance and for that reason, he was the dancer cut instead of Ade.

On a positive note, Nigel and the other producers decided that both Kaitlyn and Philip would be going on tour, and not just as replacements or occasional performers. Smart move. Philip will sell lots of tickets for them.

So, the Top 5 girls are Jeanine, Jeanette, Melissa, Kayla and Randi. The Top 5 guys are Brandon, Ade, Jason, Kupono and EVAN. Now we are voting for the individuals and not for the couple. Now, instead of the judges choosing one of the Bottom 3 of each gender, the lowest vote getter of each gender will be eliminated. Now voting is even more important to keep your favorite in the competition. [Vote for EVAN!]

It is clear that the two most popular couples are Randi & Evan and Jeanette & Brandon, since they are the only dancers who have not been in the Bottom 3 at all this season. The question is, which of the four are people really voting for?

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