Had A Real Scare

On Monday we drove down to Houma, LA, to go to the clinic that I wrote about a couple weeks back. Last week, I had gone in to get my breathing checked out. They prescribed an inhaler (that I was on as a kid and it's not doing anything) and sent me down to the charity hospital to get a chest X-ray.

The great thing about going there for the X-ray is that since I have no income or insurance, I don't have to pay for anything that I get done there. The X-ray was normal, so that doesn't help us figure out why I'm having this weird breathing issue. No telling what they will have me do next. Would be nice to figure out what is going on.

This past Monday, I had an appointment with the mental health counselor on staff. I have been in desperate need of a counselor and also for anti-depressants for the past six months. The appointment itself went pretty good. It's always nice to know that someone understands what you've been through, what you're currently going through and the thoughts that go through your mind. This visit was basically for him to get to know me and for me to get comfortable talking with him. He has already told me that I will go on meds - most likely Zoloft. They have a pharmacy at the clinic and it will only cost $4 for a month's supply.

Here's the scary part ...

When I first went into the back to see the counselor, they took my vitals. When the nurse took my blood pressure, it was 160/120. Now, I have never had problems with my blood pressure. Usually when I am in pain it goes up a bit (like 130/90) but never that high. Apparently, my pulse was racing at 120. After my appointment, they took the BP again. This time, I was at 200/120. That's when it was decided I was going to the ER. After a 2-hour wait, I was finally see by the triage person. My BP was ranging between 135/95 and 165/95. They asked if I had taken anything to get it lower and of course I hadn't. The EKG they did was also normal.

Weird, huh? So now we get to try to figure this out, too.

At least I was fine.

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Hopefully it was just a passing thing....nerves can play a big part in that (which I'm sure you know). I'm glad that things are looking good and they didn't find anything wrong...just make sure you're following your doctor's orders!!! :-)


That blood pressure thing has happened to me before Dave and you're right, it's very scary and strange. Even though I've been a bit overweight my whole life and I smoke, my blood pressure and my heart rate have always been that of an athlete. Now that's strange in itself...lol. I wish you all the best and hopefully you'll figure all this out soon. My prayers are with you as always.

Believe it or not, I wasn't nervous or anxious at all. That's what is so weird. I was feeling fine when I got there and didn't feel lightheaded or dizzy until the end of the appointment. That's why this is so confusing lol

I wonder if it was taken correctly at the counselor's office. That could account for the difference.

It was taken correctly at both ... Just one of those weird things.