Our New Pool

The other day, Darin told me he bought a pool. Immediately, I was worried about what he might have done. What he bought was a $10 blow-up pool from Dollar General. This pool is barely big enough for a small child, let alone a grown adult.

After Darin blew the pool up, I heard him laughing in the kitchen. He came in and told me about the warning label he found on the bottom of the pool.

That's right folks. It says, "no diving."


Who the hell would think it was okay to dive into a wading pool? The sad thing is, someone had to have done this at some point for them to think they needed to include a warning label.

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Warning labels scare me...mainly because somebody once was dumb enough to have done the thing that requires the warning.

When my son was a baby, my roomate bought a set of "Bendies", they're foam rollers that you heat up and twist into your hair to curl it. The warning: "To be used only for the purpose intended"

Quit making fun of MY pool!! I'll be in it this sfternoon!!

And I will take photos people!