I Want An IPhone!

I hate my phone.

Back when my partner lost their job, we had to import his work number onto my AT&T account. So, my number changed so we could do the Family Plan and I gave him my Blackjack. They had a deal on a RAZR phone, so we got that for me. I can't stand it.

I've been wanting an IPhone for awhile now but there is no way we could afford one. I can't even upgrade to one because I'm not eligible for an upgrade until December.

So, I am looking for someone wanting to sell or just get rid of their old IPhone. I know lots of people got the new one recently, so I am hoping there is someone out there who can help.


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I would love one too, but when I looked into getting Jim one for his birthday it just didn't seem worth the money. In addition to the initial cost of the phone, we would have had to add the data plan to our monthly bill - plus I'm sure all the 'fun' applications come at a price.
I ended up getting him an LG Xenon for half the cost...and he seems to like it.
Not that you shouldn't pursue your iPod dreams...but I'm just sharing my story. :-)