SYTYCD : Top 12 Performs

Well, it's time to dance to get into the Top 10 ... and onto the national tour. This week, couples had two chances to impress both the judges and the viewers. Overall it was a very good week, with only a few routines falling a bit short. As usual, I disregard what Nigel says, and post my own thoughts. Considering I vote for the show, my opinion is more important anyways.

First Dance

Melissa & Ade - Disco w/ Dorianna Sanchez - The outfits were flashier than the dancing. Am I the only one who doesn't care if these two are on the show or not? Melissa was really stiff and Ade crossed the line into cheeseball territory. Nigel thought they were tremendous. Can we tell he wants these two in the Top 10?

Kayla & Kupono - Contemporary w/ Mia Michaels - In this awesome creation, Kupono represented Kayla's addiction, always coming back despite her tries to get rid of him. This is the first time Kupono looked like he actually belongs in the top 20. As always, Kayla was incredible. I would be shocked if she were to go home this week.

Kaitlyn & Jason - Foxtrot w/ Tony & Melanie - I was bored with this routine. Jason was supposed to be a "macho gangster" but he never even came close to it. The ending was actually pretty amateur. Kaitlyn was great but there was no chemistry between the two of them. They need to really bring it in their second dance if they hope to continue into the Top 10.

Jeanine & Phillip - Russian Folk Dance - What the hell? It was a "traditional" Russian Folk dance, but it was really simplistic moves. For once, it is clearly the choreographer's fault with this one. The two did well with what they were give but they weren't given enough.

Randi & Evan - Hip Hop w/ Nappie Tabs - These two get some of the weirdest concepts. This time, Randi has just found out she is pregnant and Evan is proposing. That's not the best model to put in front of the kiddies at home people! The choreography was brilliant and suited them well. If they don't make the Top 10, something is wrong!

Jeanette & Brandon - Argentine Tango w/ Miriam & Leonardo - We saw these two dance a couple weeks back and they were awesome. Now, it was time for them to teach Jeanette and Brandon an authentic Argentine Tango. WOW! That's all I can say about this routine. It was clearly the best ballroom routine ever in show history. And now, I am finally seeing Brandon as a legitimate contender for this season's title.

Second Dance

Melissa & Ade - Waltz w/ Ron Montez - I can't put my finger on it, but there is something missing when these two dance. Technically, they are both great. In fact, Melissa may be the best technical dancer in show history. For once, the judges didn't fawn all over these two. If it were my choice, Ade would be the guy to go home this week. I just think the other guys belong in the Top 10 more than he does.

Kayla & Kupono - Broadway w/ Joey Dowling - This show just didn't have that WOW! factor. It was from West Side Story and it seemed like it would do better as a group number, not a twosome. They were supposed to dancing like they were in "love at first site". That emotion was completely missing from this performance. I'm not sure this routine will keep them safe this week, even with the outstanding first dance they did.

Kaitlyn & Jason - Lyrical Jazz w/ Mandy Moore - It's great to see them in their own style for a change. In their own style, the two were really pretty great. I'm sure we'll still see these two dancing for their lives again this week.

Jeanine & Phillip - Jive w/ Tony & Melanie - This was LIGHTYEARS better than the last time they danced a ballroom routine. Even Nigel acknowledged the vast improvement on Phillip's part. I think we might still be seeing them in the Bottom 3.

Randi & Evan - Samba w/ Pasha & Anya - Doing ballroom is so tough when you're short like these two, but I thought they pulled it off. And come on, who wouldn't like watching Evan in those super tight pants? [Pause for visual]

Jeanette & Brandon - Jazz w/ Wade Robson - Wade Robson is such an artistic GENIUS. This routine had the two as a pair of thieves - Brandon, the pensive one, and Jeanette, the impulsive one. This was easily the best routine of the night IMHO. I think I may finally be a fan of Brandon's.

My Bottom Three

Kaitlyn & Jason
Jeanine & Philip
Melissa & Ade

I have a feeling that Jason or Philip could be going, but I really think it should be Ade. As for the girls, I think Jeanine is safely into the Top 10. Of the other two, I think if Kaitlyn can bring an amazing solo, she'll be safe. I think nerves of being in the Bottom 3 for the first time could derail Melissa & Ade.

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