The Wait Is Over!

Well, the day has finally come.

Big Brother 11 premiered tonight!

As usual, they will have three episodes each week: Sunday @ 8EST/7CST, Tuesday (Power of Veto) @ 9EST/8CST, and Thursday's live eviction show @ 8EST/7CST. As usual, Head of Household competitions will take place on Thursday's show.

There are a few changes and twists this season. First, the house has been turned into an 'Eco-Machine' with walls made from recycled wood, composting of leftover food and even a waterfall, which uses recycled water.

The major twist this season is that the houseguests, although playing individually, have been put into 3-person teams based on what clique they belonged to in high school: brains, populars, athletes or 'off-beats'. Also, Julie announced that there would be a 13th houseguest joining one of the four teams, who would also be the first Head of Household (HoH). Four former contestants, each representing one of the cliques, were all hoping to have a second chance in the game.

The former houseguests vying for the one spot were: Season 5's "Cowboy" Mike, Season 8's Jessica, and Brian & Jesse from Season 10. None of these four would compete in the HoH competition, but they would play a role in the challenge.

The first HoH competition, called "The Wedgie," had the contestants inside a pair of giant briefs and holding onto a hanging toilet seat. The challenge was simply to hang onto the seat, with the final remaining person claiming victory for their clique. All members of the winner's clique would be safe from eviction this week. Not surprisingly, the Brains and the Off-Beats were the first two teams eliminated from the competition. Braden and Laura put up a great fight, but it was the Athletes who won the first competition.

That means Meathead is back.

Jesse is so cocky that he makes Narcissus look humble. [Am I the only one dreading have to listen to him whine again this season?]

So, now that we know which of the former contestants is back in the house (and I am sure he will find himself nominated for eviction as soon as possible), it's time to take a look at the other 12 houseguests. Here are my first impressions of each houseguest:

Braden - 28 - surfer - I think this guy thinks he is actually smart. Someone give him a dictionary so he can look up the true meaning of the word.

Casey - 41 - teacher/DJ - This guy was complaining about being put into the Off-Beat clique ... I'm wondering how this guy even got cast for the show! I feel sorry for his students. I couldn't imagine listening to this guy all day.

Chima - 32 - journalist - This chick was in the commercials saying, "no one likes a crybaby." Um, I didn't know Bitches was one of the cliques being used on the show. I see her (and her laugh) getting on people's nerves right away. I think she'll find herself on the chopping block very soon.

Jeff - 30 - advertising sales - He is easily the most attractive guy in the house this season (I am sure Jesse would argue with this but Jesse is looking like a steroidal rock IMO). The girls are already crushing on him (even the married ones) and I don't see anyone wanting to get rid of him anytime soon.

Jordan - 22 - waitress - There is always one naive girl in the house. She seems sweet, but I can see people using her for her duration in the house.

Lydia - 24 - special effects make-up artist - I dig this girl but I think she's going to have a hard time fitting in with the rest. I think she is one of those people you need a lot of time to get to know and that is a problem in this game.

Kevin - 29 - graphic designer - It would be nice of Big Brother to cast a gay contestant who isn't a stereotypical gay. This guy is already on my last nerve and it's only night 1. If I never hear the word "blackanese" again in my lifetime, I'll be happy.

Laura - 21 - bikini model - All I can say is boobs, boobs, boobs. That's about all this girl is. I'm surprised she doesn't fall forward. Something tells me that she'll be competing with Chima for 'bitch of the house'.

Michele - 27 - neuroscientist - Poor Michele. Her game plan was to not let the other houseguests know just how intelligent she is (she has a PhD.), and Big Brother decides to out her anyways. It will be interesting to see if she can find away to succeed in the social aspect of the competition.

Natalie - 24 - tae kwon do champion - From the get-go, Natalie is hiding stuff from the rest. Like Michele, she downplayed her athletic skills and even went as far as telling the others that she is 18 and just graduated high school (of course, Kevin called her out on the age thing). Obviously, she was outed as an athlete anyways. I think if the athletes hadn't won HoH, she would be on the block. She'll still be up for eviction soon anyways, though.

Ronnie - 30 - gamer - He was crying when he was over-acting as he was pretending to be excited about get his key on camera. He may be the gayest straight person I've ever seen. I have a feeling he is not cut out for the back-stabbing, etc., in this game.

Russell - 24 - mixed martial arts/real estate broker - He is way too cocky to do well in this competition. Jesse should know already that it's not the best strategy in this game. He may also be the dumbest guy in the house.

Well, that's my first impressions. I'm sure some will change, while others will hold true. It's too early for me to pick a favorite ... How about y'all?

UPDATE ** SPOILER ** It appears nominations for eviction have taken place. Two keys were missing from the board - Lydia & Chima! That's who we're assuming has been put up for eviction.

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