SYTYCD : Top 8 Performs

** Sorry about the lateness of this! I was without internet for the past few days! It was written following the performance show and before the results.**

We're only two weeks away from crowning the winner of Season 5! Hard to believe that we're almost to the end of the season already. So far, the people I have expected to make it to the end are still in the competition .... but will they make it through this week?

Is anyone else irritated that they had Ellen Degeneres as a guest judge? The woman can't dance very well and didn't know much about the dance genres! I'm a huge fan of hers, but I don't think she needed to be on there, especially since she was using the same jokes over and over.

Dance 1

Jeanette & Evan - Jazz w/ Sonya - I'm a big fan of Sonya's choreography but this concept of focusing on "wanting to make people shut up" just didn't really work for me. That said, even Nigel finally had to agree that Evan is really starting to show what kind of a star he is going to be. As usual, Jeanette was great and Mia even told her that she is her favorite dancer this season. That is very high praise, especially since Jeanette is a salsa dancer and Mia usually loves just the contemporary dancers.

Jeanine & Brandon - Waltz w/ Hunter Johnson - This routine was a mess from the starting lift. Hunter gave them a really slow waltz that demanded extreme control and while they didn't have huge mess-ups, passable isn't good enough for this point in the competition. I think this performance was extremely forgettable.

Melissa & Ade - Cha Cha w/ Tony & Melanie - Ick! This was the coldest Cha Cha I have ever seen on this show. The performance was awkward and you could tell the nerves they had during rehearsals were still there throughout the live performance. How could Nigel think this was hot? This guy has no business judging on a dance show. When the other two judges disagree so strongly so many times in one show, it's time to replace them. [Now we know how Paula Abdul must feel!] At least Mia agreed with me that this was Ade's worst performance this season.

Kayla & Jason - Broadway w/ Tyce Diorio - They lucked out that this was a jazzy number but Jason is not suited for Broadway. As always, Kayla was great although as a pair, the two didn't seem to have much chemistry together on stage, which surprised me. And Nigel insulted Gene Kelly by comparing Jason to him. I think people will forget this performance and we'll see these two in danger of being eliminated.

Dance 2

Janette & Evan - Rhumba w/ Tony & Melanie - I was reallllly worried for Evan that they would get a ballroom routine. I think Evan handled this ballroom routine much better than his previous attempt. This is the first time I think he has been 100% comfortable with his partner and contrary to Nigel's comments, it WAS sexy. Come on, look at his butt in those pants! Janette was great as always, but I think we could be seeing Evan winning the entire show. One of the reasons Benji won in season 2 is because he wasn't just another dancer. When you watched him, you knew it was Benji without even being told. Evan has that same quality.

Jeanine & Brandon - Pop Jazz w/ Laurieanne Gibson - If you're not familiar with Laurieanne, she is Diddy's choreographer from the Making The Band series on MTV. The biggest surprise about this performance is that for once, my attention was mostly on Brandon. Normally, Jeanine draws people's attention to her. I'd be surprised if these two don't make it to the Final 4.

[Jumping up on the soapbox]

I have to take a moment to mention Nigel's comments after their performance. He said that everything up to this point had been flat and boring. Well, Nigel. You cannot blame the dancers for the genres or choreography on this show. Up to this point, the performances had been ballroom, lackluster Broadway and slow jazz. If you think the show has been flat or boring, look to the producers and choreographers before you try to make the dancers feel bad about something they have no control over. And just because YOU don't think it had been exciting, the viewers of the show AND the other three judges felt differently. Quit your whining and make the improvements to the show you feel are necessary. You are the executive producer, after all. That means YOU are partially to blame.

[Jumping back down]

Melissa & Ade - Contemporary w/ Tyce Diorio - First, let me say how great the dancing of this routine was. It's one of those performances where it doesn't matter how good the technique was, just the performance quality. That being said, I was ashamed of Nigel. Had he not been told that the piece was about a woman with breast cancer, I don't think he would have been so moved by it. I just don't buy his 'sincerity' anymore on this show. As for the others, I can tell they felt something powerful and their reaction was genuine. On too many occasions, Nigel has seemed like he is putting on an act and for me, it seemed like he was this time as well. Despite the performance, I still think that these two are in danger of being eliminated.

Kayla & Jason - Hip Hop w/ Shane Sparks - Jason was a zombie who is trying to turn her into his zombie mistress. Well, the description of the routine was far better than its execution. Contrary to Jason's prediction, it was not scary. As for the execution, overall is was alright but they were out of sync in places and I don't think they hit some moves as hard as they needed to.


It was nice to see Kayla and Jeanine work harder on doing a real solo from start to finish, instead of just throw move after move. Apparently, Jason and Ade missed that lesson again this week. Just doing a big trick and not much else won't get you the title on this show. Evan had a blip with dropping his hat but was still the best solo of the night. Brandon continues to turn me off with his cocky attitude. The worst solos were Janette and Melissa. Janette tried to do some sort of contemporary solo in her salsa dress and Melissa looked like a ballet dancer trying to lead a dancersize class. They both had hideous solos!

My Bottom Four


I think that Ade should be going home this week, but I think Jason will be leaving instead. As for the girls, based on all the routines I think it should be Melissa going home. It will be interesting to see if popularity or great dancing will win out in the vote this week.

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