Worst Father Of The Year Candidate

I know that people don't like to read about horrible things happening to children, but I think it is important that these stories get told. Sure, people know bad things happen but I think people just kind of blow it off these days. If they don't know what is happening, it's like it doesn't really happen.

I've read and blogged about some terrible behavior of parents but this might be the worst yet, or at least one of the worst.

Frank Lombard, the Associate Director of the Center for Health Policy at Duke University, was arrested when he got caught in an Internet sting. Apparently, an unnamed informant (who is also facing molestation charges) led police to Lombard.

It seems that Lombard identified himself online as "perv dad for fun," admitted molesting his 5-year-old adopted son and tried to persuade a person (an undercover cop) to travel to North Carolina to have sex with his son. He even suggested which hotel he should use!

Lombard is now facing up to 20 years in federal prison. It's times like these when I kind of wish that he could be castrated. Maybe then he'll know what it's like to be violated.

Well, maybe he'll become someone's bitch in prison.

Lombard, meet your cellmate, Bubba. Enjoy.

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