SYTYCD : Top 8 Results Show

Congratulations to the people who've worked on So You Think You Can Dance the past 5 seasons on reaching their 100th episode!

One of the best things about the episode was bringing back three of the best past performances for an encore performance. We got to see Jamie & Hok reprise The Hummingbird and The Flower, Heidi & Travis in Mia Michaels' Emmy-winning The Park Bench, and Wade Robson's Rama Lama featuring himself and the Top 10 from Season 2! Getting to see Wade perform is even better than seeing his choreography performed!

With the good, comes the bad.

Katie Holmes insulted Judy Garland's memory with her performance.

She pulled a Britney and lipsynched the entire song - and not very well at that. Her dancing was mostly walking around and wiggling a little. Sad to think anyone thought she performed well! Also, did Tom Cruise turn her into a 45-year-old woman?? She looks much older than she is!

As for the bottom 4, Kayla & Janette and Jason & Brandon were the ones in danger. I was shocked to see Janette and Brandon in the danger zone. Goes to show that maybe Brandon's cockiness is turning off the voters and that Janette's solo really hurt her votes. In the end, we had to say good-bye to Jason and Janette. Jason leaving was not a shock, but I really did expect to see Melissa heading home as well. Well, maybe this week we can see Melissa & Ade head out together! Ah, that would be nice.

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