Doctors, Potter and Pizza ... Oh My!

First I should apologize to those who've been coming here every day and not finding a lot of new items. If you have been reading, you'll know that I suffer from depression. It's safe to say it's kicking my butt right now. Thankfully, I start Zoloft next Monday. I'm hoping they give me something for anxiety so I can sleep at night.

Okay, enough about depression.

I had a looooong day today. Normally, I spend the day in bed but today, I had to get out of bed for a change. Today was my 3-month appointment with my pain specialist. I wish that I could go in there and show her how good I feel, etc. But I can't. I did, however, get an increase in my pain meds. You see, when I came back to her care she decreased my dosage because of breathing issues (longtime narcotic usage can cause it). For now, it's been decided it must just be my childhood asthma coming back. Not sure that's it, but that works for now. Hopefully now I will be able to get out of bed more.

Unfortunately, my blood pressure was high again today. So, looks like I will need to go on HBP medicine. Turns out the anti-inflammatory I've been on can cause high blood pressure, so we've discontinued using it to see if that makes a change. Can't win can I?

After the doctor's visit, we drove next door to the Perkins Rowe shopping village to see the new Harry Potter movie. While it is the best of the movies thus fair, they changed and/or left out wayyyy too much and even added a pointless scene that doesn't even take place in the book. Why do they do that? Morons. Despite all the inconsistencies, it was still a good movie.

We topped the day off with lunch at CiCi's Pizza (yes it's cheap and I love it!) and stops at the library and Whole Foods for the best tuna. If you have a Whole Foods nearby, check out their tongul tuna. I get the "no-salt-added" and it is the BEST tuna I have ever had.

So, I had a great day with my hubby. Wish I felt up to doing this stuff more. Hopefully in a few weeks I will. Here's hoping!

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Hopefully soon the good days will outweigh the bad ones my friend.