Can't Find a Job? Sue!

You've finished four years of college, got your degree and now you can't find a job.

Of course, suing the college is the answer!

At least, according to Trina Thompson it is.

She graduated from Bronx's Monroe College back in May and has not been able to find a job since. So, she wants the $70,000 she spent on tuition back because she claims the school hasn't lived up to its end of the bargain by not doing enough to find her a job.

Wait. The school is supposed to find the job for you? All the school does is TRAIN you for a field! Yes, they usually offer services to help you find work after graduation but I don't know of any school that promises to find work for you.

Hell, there are Ivy league graduates out there unable to find employment!

She has only spent 3 months trying to find work and apparently, that's too long.

I am sure there are many jobs out there she isn't willing to take, however. I've seen so many people complaining that they can't find a job. That's just not the case for some. I know a few people myself that have found jobs but weren't willing to take them because it was 'beneath' them or wasn't paying anywhere near what they were making. My partner took a job that was well below the level he is at because we needed the income. I question whether the girl has even considered looking for a job outside of her field of study.

Two questions about this item ...

Is she jumping the gun here after only 2-3 months?

And is the school really to blame here? Say she does win. She'll still have the degree and her money back. So basically, she'd have gotten a free education. Doesn't sound right to me.

Lady, get off your butt and stop blaming the school for economy! And until you find that perfect job, do something else to get some kind of income in the meantime! It's not that difficult of a concept.

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I almost died laughing when I heard the part about her GPA being something like a 2.7 and how she complained that the college did more to help people who had closer to a 4.0 average... Umm... Maybe they just got the jobs more easily because of their academic record being so much better than yours! Agghhhhh!!!!!

LOL Some people just don't get it.