SYTYCD : And The Winner Is ...

As always, the final episode of the season is a re-visit to some of the judge's favorite routines from throughout the season. I have to say, this might have been the most boring finale of the series so far! We had way too much of Brandon, ballroom routines we didn't need to see and only one of Evan's performances made the cut.

Some highlights:

Evan and Randi performed Mia's "butt" dance.

Adam chose Phillip & Jeanine's Nappie Tabs-choreographed "Mad" routine from the first week of competition. Phillip is just brilliant in his own style!

Jeanine & Jason performing Travis Wahl's choreography - not sure which is more brilliant ... his dancing or his choreography!

We found out that Kherington Payne from Season 4 is starring in the FAME remake.

Some Lowlights:

The judges decided that 6 of them - Nigel, Mary, Mia, Adam, Tyce & Debi - would come out as the surprise ending of Mia's Top 8 routine reprisal. Did we really need to see Nigel dance?

The judges not only overly praised a crappy paso doble from the previous night's show but they made us endure it again.

And Evan didn't win.

The winner? Well, at least it wasn't Brandon.

Congrats Jeanine!

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