SYTYCD : Top 4 Performs

Well, here we are folks. The finale of Season 5! I was really hoping the choreography would finally be up to the standard of the previous 4 seasons, and for the most part it was. We need more Mia, Shane, Wade and Mandy Moore routines on this show like in previous seasons. Sonya is awesome, but she can't do it alone!

It was awesome to see that the 4 dancers were starting the night with a Wade Robson routine. I'm happy for Wade that he's gotten so in demand, but I miss his routines on this show each week!

Next up was Evan and Jeanine doing a jazz piece with Sonya! I don't care what Nigel says ... Evan showed again that he is going to be a huge star on Broadway ... and beyond! Even Adam said that the show would NOT be the same without Evan!

Kayla and Brandon were next with a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine from All That Jazz. The tricks were good, but it seemed like the choreography was bigger - and better - than the performance. Of the two, Kayla was a bit better.

Evan and Brandon then did a Pop Jazz from Laurieanne. It was performed to Janet Jackson's Nasty Boys, which I thought wasn't the best choice considering no one would ever see Evan as a 'nasty boy'. Still, I thought the two were pretty evenly matched despite Nigel's comments.

Kayla and Jeanine then hit the stage with a Mia Michael's contemporary routine which was a bit of a modern take on The Seven Veils. Throughout the routine, the ladies took off various layers of their costume. I think the choreography swallowed the two IMO. The didn't have good synchronism and even Mia didn't have a smile on her face when they showed her just after the performance ended.

Then we hit the end of the great performances.

Evan and Kayla did a Tony & Melanie Jive routine that was more fun than anything else. Even the judges didn't seem to think the choreography was up to caliber with the rest. Still, the two had a lot of fun with it.

My biggest disagreement with the judges' critiquing was Jeanine and Brandon's Paso Doble, choreographed by Louis VanAmstel. The music was exciting and the choreography was great but I think it was danced horribly. The man in the routine is supposed to be strong and masculine and that is something Brandon is not. He was way to feminine in his movement and he tried to put on a masculine face that just ended up looking scary awful. IMO, this was a bit of a trainwreck.

As for the solos, I thought Jeanine was phenomenal and may have sealed the win with her performance. Evan's was fantastic as always and yes, I am bias. I want Evan to win it all. Kayla's solo was off-balance and was the weakest of the four. Brandon's solo looked like the same solo we've already seen 3 of 4 times now. Yes, it's a great solo but we need to see something different!

I want EVAN to win, but I think Jeanine will take the prize.

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