More Candidates For Worst Mother Of The Year

Sandstone, MN - 29-year-old Ludusky Sue Hotchkiss has been charged with second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the death of her 10-year-old daughter, Lakesha, in 2006.

Lakesha had cerebral palsy, autism and a seizure disorder. She got her nourishment through a feeding tube. At the time of her death, she had gone from 50lbs to 31lbs ... in one month. Apparently, her mother had starved her and end up killing her. A sibling found the girl dead at the family's home back in 2006.

I know it is tough to care for a developmentally disabled child but if it was that tough, why not ask for help?? I can't imagine how a parent could kill their child in such a brutal, senseless way. I could never imagine the pain and suffering the poor child had to have endured at the hands of her caregiver.

Cameron County, TX - Sheriff Deputies arrested Griselda Gaytan Wednesday after her children were found left alone in her vehicle outside the county jail. She'd left them there while she visited someone in the jail.

As you may know, TX and LA have been experiencing a heat wave lately, with temperatures of up to 100 degrees or higher. Fortunately, the children had only been in the vehicle for approximately 15-20 minutes and were unharmed.

The children, ages 5 and 10 months, have been turned over to their grandmother. Gaytan was arrested.

With all the heat advisories and media reports about stupid parents leaving their children to die from heat related deaths & injuries in automobiles, you would think that people would finally start making better decisions about child safety. Why have children if you're not going to bother keeping their interests in mind?

It amazes me how people like these are able have children but many states still do not even allow gay couples to adopt unwanted children. Maybe if they could, children like these would have better lives.

Or even still be alive to have one.

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OMGosh...sooooo sad.I believe that these women,and other parents like them, should be given the death sentence (maybe even sentence them to the same deaths as their children) and never be allowed to see their children again (that is if they even have any living children and haven't killed them all).
As a grandmother of a child with muscular dystrophy,I can tell u it was a pleasure to take care of her while her parents were at work.I loved being with her and doing her physical therapy,feeding,and changing her diapers at 3 yrs old didn't even bother me,etc...all aspects of caring for her.I can't imagine anyone being so cruel!!!