SYTYCD : Top 20 Performs

First, lets attack the elephant in the room.

I'm pissed that Mia is gone.

OK, I'm over it.

Week 1 usually shows us who can deal with the pressure and with a foreign dance style. For the most part, the dancers handled both pretty well. Unfortunately, the viewers wouldn't have a say in the outcome of the first elimination. I think the judges got it half right in the end. But first, my recap.

Channing & Phillip - Jive w/ Jason Gilkison - Phillip is kind of creepy and the facial expressions during this performance didn't help change my first impression. As for Channing, she seemed a bit hesitant. Minus the horrible lift in the middle, it was a decent performance overall.

Ashleigh & Jakob - Broadway w/ Tyce - First off, Jakob's outfit was hideous. Sequined tuxedo pants, a rugby shirt and a black bow tie? The costumer should be fired. Not sure I believed the chemistry between the two but Jakob's dancing was amazing.

Ariana & Peter - Hip-Hop w/ Nappie Tabs - If you hadn't been told that Peter was a tap dancer, you'd never known he wasn't adept at hip-hop. He really managed to get into the character and all his moves were sharp and hard-hitting. He easily outdanced Ariana.

Noelle & Russell - Foxtrot w/ Tony & Melanie - Well, Noelle injured her knee and wasn't able to dance. Like a few seasons ago with Pasha, Melanie filled in for the performance show. Normally when a b-boy or hip-hop dancer gets a ballroom routine, they crumble. Not Russell. He actually did pretty decently. As for Noelle, if she cannot dance again next week she will be taken out of the competition.

Bianca & Victor - Contemporary w/ Travis Wall - Victor was tremendous and Bianca easily held her own. Definitely will see these two next week.

Karen & Kevin - Cha-Cha w/ Tony & Melanie - Kevin was terrible, I thought. Karen showed exactly why she was one of the ballroom dancers chosen for the Top 20.

Ellanore & Ryan - Contemporary w/ Sonya - Sonya's choreography last season let me down a bit but this one was phenomenal. Easily the best chemistry between the two on the night.

Pauline & Brandon - Smooth Waltz w/ Jason Gilkison - With only being together for a day and a half, they did a decent job. Was one of the weaker performances though.

Kathryn & Legacy - Hip-Hop w/ Dave Scott - Dave Scott did a great job with this one. He made the two of them into cavemen, with Kathryn the one definitely in charge. I am not a fan of Legacy's but he was brilliant in this performance.

Mollee & Nathan - Disco w/ Doriana Sanchez - I cannot stand Doriana. It's like she is trying to kill the dancers with her routines. The lifts were incredible though. Also, Mollee was amazing. That's hard for me to say, too.

Bottom 4

Ariana & Pauline and Brandon & Russell

When they said Russell's name, the audience 'booed' very loudly - and they should have. Brandon was a good choice for the bottom but the other spot should have gone to Kevin. As for the girls, Pauline was a lock for the bottom but I was surprised to see Ariana there. Ariana's problem was the rest of the girls were just really good and she was just a notch lower. As for the solos, only Russell's was worth seeing. His problem will be finding a way to get better in other styles really quickly.

Who got the boot? Ariana and Brandon. Fortunately, we may get to see Brandon again next season!

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