SYTYCD : Your Top 20 Dancers

As you may have watched last night, we have a pretty diverse Top 20. Contemporary/Jazz are still the dominant genres for the contestants but this year we have 2 hip-hop dancers, 3 tap dancers, 3 Latin ballroom dancers and even a 'krumper'. Here is a listing of those who will be competing for the title of "America's Favorite Dancer" :

The Guys

Nathan - The 17yo would got to Vegas via Season 5
Brandon - Got in when Billy Bell pulled out due to illness
Russell - First krump dancer to make it to the live shows
Phillip - Tap
Peter - Tap
Victor - Was the one who shaved his head for the judges in Vegas
Jakob - LOVE this guy! My favorite from the auditions
Legacy - B-boy
Kevin - Hip-hop
Ryan - Latin Ballroom

The Girls

Kathryn - Is this chick gonna cry every week?
Channing - Contemporary
Arianna - Jazz
Ellanore - Contemporary
Bianca - Tap dancer who's been on the cusp of the Top 20 for 3 seasons
Mollee - Annoying! Reminds me of Tatiana from American Idol
Noelle - She and Mollee became besties in Vegas. God help us.
Pauline - Sprained her ankle and missed half of Vegas and still made it
Karen - Latin Ballroom
Ashleigh - Made the Top 20 when Paula decided to take a movie contract

In the first performance show of the season, the producers decided to showcase the dancers dancing in their own styles. Good idea since a number of the Top 20 dancers were barely mentioned during the audition shows. Some highlights:

Wade Robson choreographed the first group number of the season. It was inspired by the 1930's club scene and had the dancers as 4 different "gangs" who meet up in a club. The music was awful but it was probably the best Top 20 group number of the series. Watching the tap dancers together made me miss Ryan Kasperzack even more - and his personality. As for the contemporary dancers, Jakob rocked Tyce's routine. All the dancers proved they deserve to be there but I'm sure once they start dancing out of their genres, that will change.

Also, a note for all fans of the show: viewers will not vote during the first two weeks of competition due to the baseball play-offs. The judges will be deciding who goes for the first two shows. Yeah, that's fair.

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