New Medication

Well, I had my first appointment with the psychiatrist. Fortunately she has a lot of notes from my counselor so I did not have to talk too much about my issues. I had to quick her a quick background on my situation but she had the bulk of it already, saving me from having to do it. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm in therapy for a reason ... but it's easier to not have to talk about things.

We knew finding medications that would work for me was going to be tough. I've tried a number of medications in the past, with little-to-no success. Also, if there is a side effect that less than 1% will get, I'll be that 1%. Wellbutrin gave me suicidal thoughts, cymbalta made me violently nauseous for 2 1/2 months, lexapro gave me migraines ... you get the picture.

So, we're weaning me off of the celexa (which has done nothing) and re-introducing Effexor (it had worked briefly for me in the past, then stopped) and adding Abilify to my daily medications. I'll be going back on the 28th to see her again and at that appointment she may start me on Xanax or another anxiety medication. We'll also discuss my sleeping medications. Most nights I am doing pretty well with what I am taking but she wants to get it to where I'm sleeping well every night.

What is great is that I got the meds for FREE.

Yes, I said FREE.

Starting January 1st, I will have medicare too and that will pay for 80% and the state will pay the other 20% until I get approved for medicaid. I am so glad we finally found places to help me. Wish we'd found them sooner!

Oh, we have a long-term goal too. Sandy (my psychiatrist) wants to eventually send me to an activity center. Basically, it's an adult daycare. People go there to interact with people, do activities, eat lunch with others and to participate in group therapy. I have issues with being around groups of people now (because of being a shut-in), so that's a ways off. But it's nice to have goals.

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David thinking of you and praying for you on your journey to wellness. Here's to keeping up the good fight!