Saints, Bowling and Books

I had a really busy weekend. And yes, I am paying for it now.

After doing some grocery shopping on Friday, I spent Saturday recuperating and resting up for Sunday.

On Sunday we first went to one of Darin's high-school classmate's houses for a viewing party for the Saints' football game against Atlanta - which the Saints won! How exciting is it to have the home team at 13-0 for the first time in franchise history?? It was basically a potluck type event (we brought gumbo) with some of her friends and a number of people from their high school days. The best thing I ate was this cream cheese/pudding trifle kind of stuff that Darin's friend Rene made. And yes, I'm getting the recipe.

After the Saints viewing party, we headed over to Circle Bowl in Baton Rouge for Darin's work Christmas party. To be honest, I was completely bored and hurting from the first party. Barely anyone said more than hello to me and people kept blocking me from seeing the games. At two points, I made Darin let me take a shot since I couldn't participate more. I was so happy when we left!

After all that, we should have gone straight home. But, I wanted books from the library. I'm glad we did go because they had one on hold and never sent us a notification email! And it's a brand-new one I've been waiting for. We also got Craig Ferguson's new autobiography. If you're a fan of his late night talk show, it's a must-read!

So, it was a good weekend, although I'm still paying for all the time I spent out of bed. Yippee.

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