Psychiatrist Awaits

Well folks, the time has finally come that I will finally get to see the psychiatrist at the clinic I've been going to. I've been seeing a counselor there for the past three months and while that has been helpful, it's not enough. It's time we finally figure out my medicine so that I'm not so anxious or depressed.

I'm on a few things now: vestiril, remeron, celexa.

Unfortunately, the celexa doesn't help at all. The remeron is working perfectly and I am actually sleeping pretty well most nights. The vestiril should help more than it does, but at least it has helped ward off the night terrors that kept me from sleeping so many nights.

Well, I had another appointment with my counselor on Monday. Mostly we talked about my meds and the letter about my disability approval. That's really how I knew my anti-depressant isn't doing anything. You'd think that getting monumental news like disability approval would at least lift my spirits some, if not a lot. But no, it wasn't even a blip on my emotions. Thankfully, my counselor agrees with me.

So, tomorrow at 9am I will see the psychiatrist for the first time.

We'll see how it goes and report back to y'all.

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