Better Late Than Never

I have been thinking about resolutions. A lot of people make silly resolutions around the new year that they know they will never be able to keep or even plan on keeping. So, I decided to wait and give some thought to any kind of resolution I might make.

1. Win the fight against this depression. It has hampered me way too long and it's time I find a way to beat this.

2. Learn to love myself more.

3. Find a way to put my past behind me and move forward.

4. Find a way to become more social and stop being so anxious around people.

5. To stop being paranoid.

I think it is a pretty good list of things that I have put together. I have been working on all of these things in therapy and it would be nice to find some solutions over the next 11 months.

Just curious ... what are y'all's resolutions?

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wonderful resolutions and certainly worth the effort you are putting in. Anxiety in itself is debilitating. I am wishing you a graceful journey with the help of your therapist.
No resolutions here while I continue to remain in the present, cherishing each moment as it comes.