Worst Mother of the Year

Who in their right mind would let their child ride on the top of their vehicle?

Better still, who would let them be inside a box on top of the car??

A woman in Alabama was charged with endangering the welfare of a child when she put her daughter inside a cardboard box and let her ride home on top of a minivan.

Just when you thought it wasn't dumb enough ... she explained to police that the girl was holding the box down because it wouldn't fit inside the van.

The woman told police it was safe because she "secured the box to the van with a clothes hanger."

How is it possible that this woman gets to be a parent but in many places, like in ALABAMA, loving gay couples are still turned down as adoptive parents.

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Rich McDermott  

Cue the Dueling Banjos (e) LOL Seriously unbelievable!

Sounds more like Kansas but I can believe it of AL. too.