Truly Blessed

We struggled for much of this past year.

We weren't prepared for Darin to lose his job.

We were still fighting for my disability.

Now, things are looking up for Darin as more opportunities are finally coming his way and I have my disability. Plus, some other things have come my way.

First, I received approval for partial Medicaid. They will pay the $100 monthly premium for Medicare and the 20% for doctor visits that Medicare doesn't pay for.

Secondly, because I have both Medicare and Medicaid, I automatically qualified for the Extra Help program for prescriptions. I don't have to worry about a premium, the coverage 'gap' and the cost of medication is only $2.50 for generics and $6.40 for brand name drugs.

And yes, my pain meds are covered! That means I will pay $5 for what I have been paying $150! How awesome is that?

Finally, the ladies at Assumption Mental Health have really worked hard to help me get better. They did applications for 3 of the meds that I take and now I will receive all 3 for FREE for the next year.

I can say that I have been truly blessed and I'm grateful that there are people working to help me get better.

And it's nice to know my gram and grandfather are looking out for me from up above. I really wish my gram was here so I could tell her about all the blessings coming my way finally. She would be so happy for me.

Thank you to all who have been praying for me. I know many of y'all have been :)

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I think that's about the best news i've heard from you about you for a while David. As for the last part about your Gram?? She DOES know what's going on and she HAS heard you talk about it. She is with you all the time my dear, you know that, and she's in HEAVEN, why wouldn't she be happy? ;)