Anyone Got A Life Jacket?

I saw my counselor on Friday.

Way overdue.

We talked a lot about the family visiting, my medications, my family.

And drowning.

No, not in water. My counselor asked me what would happen if I totally gave up control and in my opinion, I would drown in my depression. I try very hard not to think about the things that drive my depression. I'm not really excited to find out what would happen if I let myself drown in my depression.

In fact, my counselor asked how close I am to drowning ... I said 6 out of 10.

Anyone got a life jacket?

So, now we just need to get the medications changed. It's clear to me (and my counselor, I think) that my current anti-depressant and anxiety med (Effexor/Abilify) aren't working. I'm on my third dosage level of the Effexor and second of the Abilify. So, we'll see what my psychiatrist does from here.

Good times.

Again, anyone got a life jacket?

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