Holy Mother!

You are looking at a photo of mom-to-be Victoria Lacatus being loaded into an ambulance.

She weighed 528 pounds at the time.

"I wanted this child with all my heart, whatever the sacrifice," Lacatus was quoted as saying.

Is that really fair to the child? Is that really a mature and loving thing to say?

Just because she wanted a child doesn't mean that she should have totally disregarded the potential dangers to the baby.

Not only are there possible complications during the pregnancy but think about the delivery itself. She needed FOUR times the normal amount of anesthesia during the c-section operation. That alone could kill the baby before delivery!

Fortunately, the baby was born alive and healthy. Who knows what kind of problems could present themselves as the baby grows, however.

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I bet having the kid was the longest she went without eating.

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How did she get pregnant???


Yeah, that's my question: how the heck did she get pregnant. And: nothing against overweight people, ok, but there are severe health risks involved here. That would be my first concern. What in the world possesses a person to put a baby at risk just "to have it". Honestly.

She got rolled in flour until he found the wet spot!